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Recent Single

Sofar Sounds Live Video

Fans of  Kings of Leon, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and Blue October will love Miguel Antonio.  Miguel has toured throughout the US and to the Middle East and back. He has also opened for Jake Clemons and played the VIP stage at Starlight for Goo Goo Dolls, Group Love, The National, Head And The Heart and Daughtry.  Whether it's fairs, festivals, colleges or club events Miguel brings out his power house vocals and energetic performance in full force.
These high energy Pop Rock songs will create a great vibe at your venue.
"Having seen Miguel perform a plethora of times, I’m always floored by his vocal control. His thick, beaming voice is something that will stick with you, whether catching him at a show or listening to his recordings."
- Steven Ervay  / Sofar Sounds / Fine Dining Productions
"He excels at engaging with students in the audience and really makes time to connect with them before, during and after his shows. He is one that students (and staff) ask me to bring back each semester.
I would recommend booking Miguel for an authentic, engaging and fun performance!"
- Vanessa Bell, Director of Marketing,
Rhatigan Student Center,
Wichita State University
"Miguel Antonio is a great fit for events who want personality mixed with great music.  We’ve worked with Miguel for quite a few years and continue to have people thrilled with booking him.  Nothing is easier for us than being confident in the results of an artist and that’s what we get from Miguel Antonio." 
- Chad Bourquin / Generation Relevant
"Miguel plays an eclectic set full of both originals and covers during his live shows. His charismatic stage presence immediately draws in an audience of all ages and backgrounds."
- Savanna Howland / Playlist Play